Strong and soft purging agent CleanOK

Cleaning of material cylinders and screws of injection molding machines, extruders, blow molding machines and hot runners



A highly effective agent for plastics processing equipment cleaning, CleanOK is developed on basis of the latest scientific and technological achievements. It is a composite mixture, main active ingredients of which include mineral fillers, non-ionic surfactant, hydrocarbon solvent and water.

The purging composite is dispersed on the surface of polymer granules used in technological process. When solvent and water dry out, the composite remains of the surface of granules, providing effective cleaning of screws, barrels and surfaces of hot runners.


Cleaning of screws of injection molding machines


Cleaning of filling heads and blowing heads


Cleaning of extrusion screws and extrusion tools


Cleaning of hot runner systems


Very effective when used after shutdowns


Minimum cleaning time and economic consumption


Easiness of use applying onto the surface of polymer granules to form the cleaning composite


Mild abrasive effect while cleaning of metal parts surfaces


High efficiency for color change or resin change procedures


Safe for personnel at work and the equipment used


Especially effective for removing of carbon spots


A slight polishing action


Economic use: 1 kg per 25 kg of raw material

Instruction Manual

Shake a bottle with CleanOK cleaner

Pour the cleaner in a container with polymer granules with consumption of 1 kg of cleaner per 25 kg of polymer

Stir wet granules for several minutes for the better mixing. Wait for 3-4 hours until composite dries

Reduce the working temperature 10-15%

Decrease screw rotation speed up to 50% of the normal operating speed (if applicable for the machine)

Press the cleaning mixture through the material barrel, nozzle and tooling

For extrusion: stop the screw for 10-15 minutes

For extrusion: press the cleaning mixture through the material barrel with 50% normal speed screw rotation

Clean the barrel with 100-200% of its volume with virgin material

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